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About the company.

The company was founded by specialists in the field of engineering and geological surveys with experience in planning, organization and conduct and, data processing. The company specialists have worked in a wide variety of conditions and countries, they have the skills to use advanced technologies and significant experience in an integrated data processing.

Faced from project to project with typical errors and inaccuracies, the company has developed a set of simple measures to control the quality of geotechnical survey. The use of advanced international experience and developments has significantly increased the information content, reliability of the research, as well as ensure maximum compliance with the design.

The company specialists participate in projects onshore and offshore, in countries such as Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary and Russia - Moscow and the Moscow Region, Leningrad Region, Krasnodar Territory, Kemerovo Region, Tyumen Region, Saratov Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Sakhalin Region and Khabarovsk Region.

Before the foundation of the company, it is took part in more than 1000 projects of various sizes including surveys for nuclear power plants to work on individual residential buildings, industrial facilities and infrastructure, participated in field author supervision, and has have experience in designing foundations.  CV of our director is here.


Our Activities.

SHMINSITU provides assistance services in the field of geotechnical and other engineering surveys. The company task is to help choose the best option available, ensure use of modern research methods, help evaluate the quality of the data, conduct supervision of research and, prepare an advisory report based on the available data obtained. SHMINSITU helps companies and ensure reliability and information content of the data received.

The range of services provided is presented in the diagram below. SHMINSITU able to connect at any stage of the geological engineering surveys and do individual work requested.

Активность для обеспечения качества инженерных изысканий, услуги оказываемые ШМинситу

SHMINSITU specializes in field research to study the properties of the soil in situ and in complex data analysis.

With the help of experts, we provide assistance in all areas of engineering surveys.

You can contact SHMINSITU and we will prepare a personalized quote for services of any scale, onshore and offshore, anywhere in the world. Also we are able to provide of presentation for your company about Site investigation planning, control and data analysis. We are waiting for your request.

Let's talk about our approach to research, which will ensure the technical and economic efficiency of design and construction.

Presentation of the company.

Upon request, we make a presentation to the Client's specialists about quality control and quality management of site investigations and individual construction works. The presentation will be modificated in order to take into account your needs and the profile of your company. In the presentation some examples from work practice will be discussed and explained, the actual problems for Clients will be discussed.

We will be glad to provide support for the implementation of your project.





We are interesting the cooperation of specialists in the field of engineering surveys and foundation design. Work is carried out by projects assigned. For individuals with over 10 years experience and or experts in a particular field of research, please contact us:


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Активность для обеспечения качества инженерных изысканий, услуги оказываемые ШМинситу
Активность для обеспечения качества инженерных изысканий, услуги оказываемые ШМинситу